Liverpool Need Agger Back, And Fast.

I wrote a piece about Daniel Agger at the end of last season, highlighting that he was on a personal run of not conceding a goal in his last 624 minutes in all competitions for Liverpool.

Whilst his record this season hasn’t been quite that impressive, it is true that the Reds have only conceded a league goal every 129.7 minutes whilst he has been on the pitch, but that figure drops alarmingly to once every 58.9 minutes when he has been absent. More than twice as regularly.

Factoring his appearances in the domestic cup competitions this season makes a total of 19 goals conceded in his previous 2885 minutes (which is essentially 32 full games) on the pitch, stretching back to Kenny Dalglish’s first league game of his second spell (a 2-1 defeat to Blackpool).

This impressive defensive work won’t be entirely down to the Dane of course, but the statistics certainly suggest he has been making a difference. Time for the medical staff at Melwood to make him bionic, I think.

Statistics sourced from EPLIndex. Please take a look at my other articles, a list of which can be found here.You can follow me on Twitter here.

5 thoughts on “Liverpool Need Agger Back, And Fast.

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