Blame Suárez

I was fascinated to see the independent referee assessing website ‘Debatable Decisions’ reveal on their website exactly which decisions they have awarded for and against each team in the Premier League so far this season.

As Liverpool are currently 19th in the division for ‘decisions’ difference (with their tally of five four but eleven against) I was keen to see the breakdown.

The most interesting thing for me was to look only at the decisions that have gone for and against Luis Suárez on his own:

Suarez not shown red card for tackle on Distin against Everton.
Suarez push on Ramires in build up to goal against Chelsea.
Suarez not shown red card for stamp on Wigan player.

Luis Suarez penalty shout not awarded against Arsenal.
Luis Suarez penalty shout not awarded against Norwich.
Huth stamp on Suarez no red card awarded against Stoke.
Suarez goal incorrectly ruled out for offside against Everton.
Suarez penalty shout not awarded against Newcastle.
Suarez penalty shout not awarded against Spurs.
Suarez penalty shout not awarded against Southampton.

The Uruguayan striker has had seven debatable calls go against him in the opinion of the panel on the website, and only three teams have had more go against them this season.

Even allowing for the fact that he has had three go in his favour, his tally of minus four would put him the joint-seventeenth most hard done by team in the Premier League!

It’s also interesting note that last season Suárez was the most frequently fouled player in the Premier League, at 2.4 times per game, yet this season he is only awarded 1.9 fouls per game, which is only joint-fifteenth most in the division.

These figures make it hard not to think that there is some kind of conspiracy against Liverpool’s talismanic striker, based presumably on his past reputation following ‘Evragate‘. Blame Suárez indeed.

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