The Value Of 70 To 80%

It has recently occurred to me that benchmarks or averages for a few key and/or interesting statistics in football all seem to fall in the range of seventy to eighty percent.

It’s probably just coincidence of course, but I thought I’d take a look to see how the Liverpool class of 2012/13 are faring.

Since 2010/11, a side finishing in the top four of the league has averaged a final third passing accuracy of 73.4%. Liverpool 2012/13: 74.0%

The percentage of shots on target that were saved in the Premier League between August 2008 and May 2012 was 77.8%. Liverpool 2012/13: Attacking 68.3%, Defending 63.8%.

A team scoring two-or-more goals in a Premier League game wins 74.1% of the time. Liverpool 2012/13: 63.6%.

Since 1995/96, the team finishing fourth in the league has avoided defeat in an average of 75.7% of their matches. Liverpool 2012/13: 69.2%.

In the Premier League from 2009/10 onwards, winning the ‘Shots on Target’ battle in a non-drawn game, results in a team winning that fixture 71.73% of the time (stat taken from here). Liverpool 2012/13: 72.7%.

The teams that have finished in the top four from 2008/09 onwards have won an average of 74.4% of their tackles. Liverpool 2012/13: 78.2%.

In the first twenty seasons of the Premier League, Liverpool conceded one goal or fewer in 73.3% of their matches. Liverpool 2012/13: 46.2%.

Other interesting stats that fall in this particular ten percent range include:

Based on their total shots ratio this season, Liverpool had an 80% chance of qualifying for the Champions League.

Shot difference has a 77.2% correlation with goal difference, and shots on target difference is slightly higher at 79.7% (read more about that here).

By finishing fourth in the league, a team is ahead of 80% of the clubs in the division. Liverpool 2012/13: No comment!

If you know of any other stats that fall in this range, post them in the comments and I’ll check the figures for Liverpool. Cheers!

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