The 39 Steps

By beating Swansea City 5-0 at Anfield in their last match, Liverpool moved on to thirty-nine points.

An interesting quirk of fate is that this is the third season in a row (all of which have started with a different manager, don’t forget) that the Reds have had this many points after twenty-seven games. I’ve plotted a graph to show how the points-per-game (ppg) has reached 1.44 at this point each season.


It’s interesting to note that this season appears to be on the complete opposite trend to the last campaign; instead of starting well but falling away like Kenny Dalglish’s team did, the class of 2012/13 have recovered well after a poor opening to the season.

This is bound to affect people’s view of the campaign. The Reds could finish with the exact same total of points this season as last (though as they have seven more points than they got in the corresponding fixtures last season, I think they will beat last season’s tally), yet it will probably be perceived to be better by many fans if Liverpool finish strongly.

For the record, the below graph shows how the rest of the last two seasons panned out, points-per-game wise:


For Liverpool to make this the best season of the three, they need to take twenty points from the last eleven games, which equates to 1.82 per game.

This is an interesting target as it is slightly more than the 1.77 ppg required (on average) to finish fourth in the league, so it would suggest that the Reds may be capable of a challenge for Champions League football next season if they can achieve it.

Liverpool’s eleven game form reached this level up-to-and-including the recent 2-2 draw with Manchester City, so it shouldn’t be entirely beyond them.

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