Steven Gerrard’s Long Ball Percentage

Using data from, I thought it’d be interesting to investigate what percentage of passes that Steven Gerrard has played long this season. The trend makes for interesting viewing:


SG LB Trend

The total figure for the season has risen for the last eight games in a row, and the trend has been upwards for over half the season.

Is Gerrard ignoring Rodgers’ preference for short passing? Or has Rodgers abandoned his principles and asked Gerrard to do what he does best, and spray the ball around?

I’m a statto rather than a tactician; anyone who knows, please comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Steven Gerrard’s Long Ball Percentage

  1. Watching the games to me it seems to Rodgers is moving Liverpool away from the pure Tika-taka he tried to play at the start of the season because it just doesn’t suit the players in our team.

    We have been playing closer to a 4411 the past weeks with Sturridge the main striker and Suarez dropping back and results have been improving.

    Because of the shift from shorter passing, Gerrard able to go for the long “hollywood” pass more often.

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