Liverpool Month-By-Month Premier League Performance

Whilst a month is a purely arbitrary timeframe, as I stumbled across Liverpool’s figures (here), I thought it’d be interesting to plot them on a graph to see how the team has progressed. You can’t really draw many firm conclusions from this, but it’s another different way to try to assess the season so far.

LFC Month By Month Performance

The key things to notice:

  • Goals For – Liverpool have averaged over two goals a game (and teams scoring two-or-more win 74% of the time) for the last three months, and that’s essentially half of the season (thirteen of twenty-seven matches).
  • Goals Against – After making good ground following a poor start, the Reds have averaged at least one goal against per game in the last three months, so definitely still room for improvement here.
  • Goal Difference – August was a disaster from this point of view, though in fairness the figure then increased for five months in a row, before dipping again in February.
  • Points – January (1.75 per game) and December (2.00) have been the two months where Liverpool performed at a top four level, but they will need to increase this next season to challenge for Champions League qualification.

The Reds’ four fixtures in March yielded eight points last season (as you can see here), so a win at Wigan today would set them up nicely to try to improve on the figures this time around.

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