These Turbulent Times – Book

Paul Tomkins has put together an anthology of the best writing from his excellent website, The Tomkins Times, and the blurb is:

These Turbulent Times gathers together the best articles to appear on our award-winning website since its inception in 2009, covering all aspects of Liverpool FC’s fortunes in that time. The analysis encompasses a wide range of styles and approaches, including: straight opinion pieces; historical reporting on major events; in-depth tactical reviews; professional data analysis on a number of statistical issues; legal issues courtesy of a prominent football lawyer; and exclusive interviews with key personnel at the club. It includes many pieces that have only previously appeared behind the site’s paywall.

The book features a previously unpublished essay by myself, so why not buy a copy, eh?! It’s currently available for pre-order from Amazon, and the price is currently just £5.80. My excellent look at shots on target data aside (!), I can genuinely recommend the book, as it will feature the cream of the crop from the best Liverpool FC website around. Cheers.Image

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