Mkhitaryan vs Eriksen: Champions League Showdown

I recently wrote a piece which looked at the Champions League stats of Liverpool target Henrikh Mkhitaryan (and you can read it here), but it only had figures from this season.

Following publication of the article, I received several requests for Christian Eriksen’s stats, as he is also rumoured to be on Brendan Rodgers’ radar, and supposedly cheaper to boot (at £15m, compared to £25m for his Armenian counterpart).

Thanks to a tip-off from Dan Kennett, I have located and compiled the figures from Champions League football for both players for the last three seasons. It’s still a small sample, but hopefully it might add a little something to the transfer debate.


ImageEriksen has the edge on both shot conversion and frequency of chance creation.


CE HM DefensiveMkhitaryan appears better in the air, and gets involved far more with tackles and interceptions. As I noted in my last piece though, he does get dribbled past a lot, which hasn’t happened so much to Eriksen.

Passing & Possession

CE HM PandPThe duo have a similar pass accuracy overall, and lose possession at essentially the same rate. Eriksen attempts passes more frequently, and has been more accurate with his crossing, whilst Mkhitaryan has found a teammate with a higher proportion of his long passes. Neither player attempts through balls too often, but for the record Eriksen has the edge.

Having never seen either player in action, based purely on the stats and the supposed transfer fees, I’d go for Eriksen. Who do you prefer?


As per the first comment below, it’s only fair to show which teams the two players played.

HM Fixtures

CE Fixtures

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13 thoughts on “Mkhitaryan vs Eriksen: Champions League Showdown

  1. I understand your opinion and appreciate the analysis but this is pretty much a zero control group. Not near enough data to make a comparison for me. Who are the opponents etc.

  2. I think Eriksen has faced stronger opposition. I also believe Mkhitaryan is a much bigger goalscoring threat and better defensively, while Eriksen is a better passer/creator.

    From a Liverpool perspective, Mkhitaryan would be an excellent replacement for Gerrard, whereas Eriksen would be more a replacement for Henderson/Allen, who could slot in alongside Lucas and Gerrard.

  3. Thanks for that! Pretty even competition. Have you done this for their league games over a season? They seem quite even to me. The question no one can answer will be how either would play in England. I think Eriksen tips it here based on price alone but if price were no object I might choose Henry Mac. He seems to have a huge will to succeed and an unusual commitment to the game.

  4. They both played some pretty tough teams which to me only gives the advantage Eriksen has in stats more credibitlity. At first when we were on the move for Henrik, I was glad even more so after i stopped hearing about moves for Eriksen to ANYWHERE. But seeing this stats comparison…i kind of hope we get eriksen =/

  5. I’ve read somewhere that in the season before last Mkhitaryan played in a deeper role than last season (when he scored 25 goals in the league), so it would explain why he has so much better defensive stats than Eriksen. I would like to see these stats per season, so it might be easier to compare them when they were playing in more similar positions.

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