Jones and Reina Comparison

As Pepe Reina appears to be leaving Liverpool to go on loan to Napoli to be re-united with his former manager Rafa Benitez, I thought I’d compare his stats (which were obtained via EPLIndex) with those of Brad Jones since 2010/11 to see if the Reds are retaining the right back up goalkeeper.

Obviously the key thing to remember here is that Jones has played just 7.5% of the total time that Reina has, so this is not in reality a fair comparison, and not to be taken too seriously.

However, it is all the data that is available for Jones at Liverpool, so I thought I’d compile it for the record.

ImageBased on the very limited evidence available, you can kind of see why Liverpool would be happy to let Pepe go and keep Jones as the back up keeper, especially when it’s safe to assume his wages are probably only half as much as Reina’s.

Only time will tell if it’s the right decision of course, but the limited data suggests that it might be.

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