Luis Suárez: Football Genius

After Luis Suárez demolished Norwich City yet again, with four goals and an assist in Liverpool’s 5-1 win at Anfield, it seemed only right to share a few of the fabulous stats from an incredible performance.

  • Suárez now has eleven goals against Norwich, from his league total for Liverpool of fifty-one, meaning that 21.6% of his Premier League scoring output has come against the Canaries.
  • Throw in his assist tonight, and from 444 minutes against Norwich, Suárez has a goal or assist every thirty-seven minutes. Exclude his first appearance against them, and it drops to 29.5 for the last four matches. Staggering.
  • Once his second goal went in, Suárez had scored as many league goals as he did in the whole of the 2011/12 season, but from a whopping eighty-one fewer shots!
  • His third goal meant that Luis Suárez is the first player in Premier League history to score three hattricks against the same club, and he’s the first player ever to do so in the league for Liverpool.
  • The Uruguayan became the 35th player to score fifty league goals for the Reds.
  • By full time he’d moved on to fifty-one league goals, putting him in joint-29th on the club’s league goalscorers chart, a position he shares with Dirk Kuyt and Ray Kennedy. Fine company to keep.
  • Suarez became the third Liverpool player to score three goals in the first half of a Premier League match, after Michael Owen (twice) and Robbie Fowler.
  • Luis’ fourth goal took Liverpool to 100 in the league under Brendan Rodgers.
  • Thanks in part to Suárez, the Reds had twelve shots on target in a league game for the first time under Rodgers. They’ve only bettered that tally three times since the start of 2008/09.
  • Suárez had 6 shots on target tonight. The Liverpool team as a whole only bettered that once in the five league games he missed this season, and averaged 5.4 overall.
  • Only ten of the other nineteen teams in the Premier League have scored more goals this season than Luis Suárez
  • Suárez is the first Liverpool player to score four times in one match since Owen in April 2003.
  • By providing an assist for Sterling, Suárez became the first player to score four goals and an assist another in the Premier League since Frank Lampard in 2010.
  • Luis Suárez scored fifteen league goals under Dalglish, from 183 shots (which equates to a 8.2% conversion rate). He now has thirteen this season alone, from fifty-two attempts (25%).
  • IF (big if) Suárez maintains his shot conversion, shot rate and plays every remaining game, he’ll score forty-eight league goals this season!
  • Luis Suárez now has sixty-four goals and eighteen assists in 106 apps for Liverpool. Sensational.


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