Reds March On, Records Keep Falling

After an impressive victory, I often like to try to analyse the match and maybe post some of the key stats. But Liverpool are smashing so many records with every game, and my head is spinning as the title charge continues, so after the 6-3 win at Cardiff, I’ll simply post a few facts about the records that have gone, and those that are in sight.

The main headline from the match is probably that Liverpool have now scored more goals than in any of their previous Premier League campaigns. With eight games still to play, the Reds have only scored more goals in eleven of their previous ninety-eight completed top flight seasons. On a goals-per-game basis, this season is currently top.

ImageLiverpool have scored a whopping ninety-six goals in their last thirty-eight league games, which is a new record for the club in its entire top flight history. Only eleven teams in the Premier League era have scored more goals than the Reds have this season, and they all obviously played eight games more than Liverpool have so far too.

ImageNotice how on a goals-per-game basis Liverpool would be top, with their current rate equating to 104 goals over a full season. The Reds also equalled the Premier League record for scoring four-or-more times in a match against Cardiff, doing so for the tenth time this season. Here are the previous top performers in this regard, taken from the Sky Sports website.

ImageBy scoring, Liverpool also netted for the twentieth league match in a row. Although the league record is out of reach, the Reds could easily attain the second best record in Premier League history this season.

ImageFour of the goals were scored by Luis Suárez (three) and Daniel Sturridge (one), and the duo are now comfortably Liverpool’s top scoring duo in a Premier League season.

ImageRoger Hunt and Ian St John scored fifty-two between them in 1963/64, so on current form it seems likely that the current pair will set a new record for the period since the club returned to the top flight under Bill Shankly.

Suarez’ hat trick also means that he has scored sixty-six goals in 102 league appearances for Liverpool (which is one more than Torres managed in the same number of games). That’s not to say that Sturridge is underachieving of course; the former Chelsea man now has an incredible thirty-three goals and ten assists from his forty-two games for the Reds.

ImageBy winning and moving onto sixty-five points for the season, Liverpool have now got more points in all of the last four completed seasons (and also seven of the last eleven).

ImageMaybe Liverpool will win the league, maybe they won’t, but to finish here’s a stat that every other team in the division should consider.

Prior to Brendan Rodgers taking over, Liverpool scored five-or-more goals in a league game every 33.6 matches. Under the Ulsterman, the Reds have achieved this feat every 7.6 games.

FAO opposition defences: all the best.

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9 thoughts on “Reds March On, Records Keep Falling

    • Thanks. Yeah I guess that is a possibility, but it’s insane that we’ll all be disappointed if we don’t win the league when in reality we had no reason to think we could at the start of the season!

  1. Absolute madness this Red Scoring Machine! Thanks for compiling the stats. Liverpool looks formidable in terms of scoring both on a team-by-team basis, individual basis, and striker partnership basis. The most interesting team to watch in the league for sure.

    One stat I am curious about is how many times in league have a team went down 3-0 and still won the game. Liverpool must be leading that stats as well.

      • The game we won 3-5 against Stoke City came to mind. Would be interesting to find out. I would have never thought Liverpool could ever adopt the “we shall score more than thou” approach, coming from the practical Benitez’s years. We can finally get over our ex-managner 😉

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