Brendan Rodgers’ Complete Liverpool League Record

I posted a jumble of thoughts about Brendan Rodgers’ imminent sacking a couple of weeks ago (which you can read here), but now his era is officially over I thought I’d post the final tables.

Here’s his complete record in the Premier League:

BR full league recordHis average was decent enough, but the peak between two mediocre seasons wasn’t enough to save his job as the results tailed off over the last year or so. His record against Everton (as they were his last opponent) sums up the two sides of Rodgers’ record quite well; you could highlight that he only won once, or you could say that he was unbeaten in seven. But his record against the big boys certainly didn’t help his case with many Kopites.

Here’s how he fares against the other Premier League era Liverpool managers.

Rodgers v LFC PL ManagersAgain, Rodgers comes out of this well enough. If the next guy does better than Brendan, which is perfectly possible of course as he’ll inherit a pretty decent squad, then he’ll do well indeed. It’s certainly been an up-and-down three seasons or so, but this video of all 110 goals from 2013/14 is probably the most suitable tribute to the best of Brendan Rodgers

The time is right for a change, but I’d like to thank Brendan for giving me (and so no doubt millions of Reds fans) the best league campaign they can ever remember. All the best, Brendan, you can walk out of Anfield with your head held high.

Now, who’s stats should I look up next? Klopp, Ancelotti, or….

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One thought on “Brendan Rodgers’ Complete Liverpool League Record

  1. Always seemed to me that Rodgers was doomed from the moment he asked for Sanchez (who made perfect sense) and was given Balotelli (who made none). I know that with Sturridge, Rodgers had a win ratio of 60% (W: 42 D: 16 L: 12). When Sturridge was available last season, I believe Rodgers had a league record of 12-2-4. With Suarez absent, but Sturridge in the side, Rodgers had a league record of 19-4-5.

    Do you know what the stats are for Rodgers when he had at least one of the SAS available? It would be interesting to see the difference between those stats and what Rodgers’ record was like when both Suarez and Sturridge were unavailable.

    Seems a tale of two completely different sides, and makes you wonder what Rodgers could have done last season if he had a striker that fit the rest of the squad.

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