A New Career In The Same Town

Rather than talk about Liverpool FC and numbers, today I’m going to talk about myself.

At the end of this year, I am taking voluntary redundancy from my day job. I don’t enjoy it and they’re paying me to go, so can you blame me?!

Right now, I don’t know exactly what I want to do, nor what I’m going to do. I’ve often daydreamed about writing a book, so I’m looking into the possibility of doing that early next year (on music, rather than football; who knew?). That will be a labour of love rather than a way to pay the bills though, so I will also be exploring the possibility of making the most of my fascination with football stats into a career.

The problem there is that I don’t have a CV for that, and my regular one will be of little use if applying for a football-related role (“so, Mr Beasley, tell me more about your work in the call centre…”), so the aim of this article is to act as showcase of my work.

I’m not naive, I don’t expect someone to read this and think “he’s just the guy we need” before contacting me with a contract offer and a handsome salary, but if I have this prepared then at least I’m ready with a CV of sorts of my work, and hopefully as I do more things I can update this too.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here is a sample of some of what I have written, and where my work has been used or praised:

      • I assembled a statistical history of Liverpool FC, which was in the first issue of 8by8 magazine (and a screen shot of which appears in the banner of this website!).
      • I devised a simple expected goals system (which you can read about in full here) for football analysis purposes.
      • Rafa Benitez mentioned me at his ‘An Evening With Rafa Benitez’ in Liverpool in 2011 in relation to this piece, and I got a name-check on his website here.
      • I have appeared on podcasts, including several episodes of the Anfield Index analytics podcast.
      • My work has twice featured in the ‘Recommended reading of the day’ section on Football365 (e.g. here).
      • My articles have been reproduced on sites such as Anfield Indexlfchistory.net, and EPLIndex.
      • I used to write a weekly article analysing the latest Liverpool match for World Football Columns, and have also written articles for Squawka.
      • I have done several Q&A articles with the Liverpool Echo, and also the LiverNerds website.
      • I have attended all of the OptaPro forums, and my work has featured on the ‘Interesting Links’ section of the OptaPro website (e.g. here).
      • Oh, and of course this website features several hundred articles which I have written.
      • Finally, I have appeared twice on LFCTV’s post match show. Don’t I look great? Dominic Matteo doesn’t look convinced…

In short, I think I’m pretty good at picking out points of interest from a page of football stats, and I can write about them at length too. If you read this and know of a job going, then please let me know in the comments section below, via Twitter or Facebook, or you can email me at andrewbeasley1980@hotmail.com.

Thanks for reading. Wish me luck!

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