Klopp’s First Thirty-Eight Premier League Games

Following my quick preview of Monday’s match, here’s a very quick look at the league table for the period since Jürgen Klopp took charge of Liverpool. This table isn’t available on any website that I am aware of, so I figured it was worth sharing here as the German has now racked up his first full ‘season’.

klopp-era-pl-table-38The main thing to note is that Liverpool have only got more points than the sixty-five Klopp has amassed in one of the previous seven full seasons. The Reds’ results and performances haven’t been consistently strong in the league over the past twelve months for a whole host of valid reasons, but it’s still been slightly better than what the club has been accustomed to in recent years.

This table is obviously slightly artificial in that it contains end of season dead rubbers for multiple teams, but it’s interesting that over the past year not one team has averaged two points per game. Mind you, I suppose the same is true regarding pointless matches at the end of a regular season too.

The foundations of Klopp’s Liverpool have been put in place (as I investigated in more detail here), and the club have only had more points after eight games three times in the Premier League era, and just once in the past twelve years. There are exciting times ahead this season, and the likes of Spurs and Arsenal had better watch out for the Reds coming up on the inside rail of the Klopp era league table.

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