Aston Villa vs Liverpool: Preview

Since the 2011/12 season, Aston Villa and Liverpool have had a slightly peculiar relationship; the Reds have won three out of three at Villa Park, whilst the Villans have left Anfield with two wins and two draws from their four visits. Does the two teams’ form this season suggest that this run will continue with a Liverpool win on Saturday?
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Counting Counters

Liverpool have scored nine counter attacking goals this season; almost as many as they have in the past four seasons combined.

ImageThe Reds’ conversion rate is better than any other Premier League team who have scored nine-or-more goals since 2009/10 too.

ImageAs Liverpool’s record is so good from counter attacks, I thought I’d take a brief look to see which Reds players have been the most involved, and how the record has progressed through the season. Continue reading

Crosses, Counter Attacks, and Confirmation Bias

Whilst listening to this week’s The Anfield Wrap podcast (which I thoroughly recommend, and you can download here), I found myself nodding along with their discussion regarding Liverpool’s continual failure to prevent crosses. Mike Girling, one of the podcast’s regulars, noted:

“It’s an obvious tactic that opposing teams are taking with us (Liverpool) now, is to play the ball out wide early as our full backs don’t press, man to man, against a wide player. I’ve never known a team as easy to cross against as us. We never seem to stop the cross coming in”.

I was in complete agreement with him. Until I looked up the figures, that is; I only realised today that WhoScored have the figures for how many and what kind of pass teams face from their opponents, so I have compiled the figures for every team in the Premier League. Continue reading