A Look At Luis Alberto

I can’t claim to have watched any of Luis Alberto’s games for Malaga this season, but it was disappointing to see the following tweet:

Not least as I was under the impression that he was actually doing pretty well, thanks to this radar tweet:

Having not seen the matches, I can’t provide a definitive answer to this difference of opinions, but I thought I’d take a closer look at the numbers in the above radar to see what they say to me about Alberto’s performance so far this season.

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Liverpool FC Creativity Combinations 2014/15

Last season I hit upon an idea: a creativity combination heatmap (which you can see here). It shows which players have linked up to create goalscoring opportunities most often, and how creative players have been overall.

Well, it’s back for 2014/15, except with a few enhancements…

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Chance Quality: 2014/15 Prediction

Regular readers will know that I spent last season compiling chance quality information for the Premier League, to see which teams created scoring opportunities in the best and worse areas. Simon Gleave is compiling pre-season predictions on how the league table will look at the end of 2014/15 season, so I’ve decided to give it a go using this system.

It may turn out that chance quality is not consistent from season-to-season (and indeed I do expect this to be the case), but there’s only one way to find out, so I will attempt to forecast the final 2014/15 Premier League table using this data.

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Is Ben Davies The Answer At Left Back?

Liverpool were recently linked to Ryan Bertrand, though as I wrote here there was nothing in his numbers that could explain why particularly. The latest left back to be rumoured to be in Brendan Rodgers’ sights is Ben Davies of Swansea City, and as his raw numbers looked more favourable, I thought I’d dig a little deeper.

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Never Mind The Divocks

The latest Liverpool transfer rumour that refuses to die is that the Reds are looking to sign Divock Origi, a 6ft 2″ nineteen year-old who plays in France for Lille, and who recently scored a late winner for Belgium against Russia at the World Cup.

As I have recently assessed the stats of Lallana, Can, Lambert and Moreno, it’s now time to take a close look at Origi.

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Liverpool vs Chelsea: Chance Quality Preview

Every match Liverpool play at the moment is the biggest league encounter in over twenty years, and this is no exception. A home win would ensure that Chelsea can not win the league this season, and Liverpool would be just four points away from the ultimate glory.

Having looked at shots on target ahead of the Manchester City game, I thought I’d return to my chance quality work to preview this one.
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Joe For Jordan: Stat Comparison

As Jordan Henderson is the only Liverpool player who has appeared in every match in all competitions this season, Brendan Rodgers doesn’t have any recent experience of planning his match squad without the England international being available.

Henderson’s red card in the final minutes of Liverpool’s 3-2 win over Manchester City means that the Reds’ manager will have to plan for his absence for three of the final four games of the season. My assumption is that Joe Allen will take Henderson’s place, so I thought I’d take review the stats to see how the two players compare this season.

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Southampton vs Liverpool: Chance Quality Preview

I last wrote a Chance Quality preview ahead of Liverpool’s recent home match with Arsenal, because the two sides are the top two for overachieving on the number of assists they’ve had this season, and so I thought it was worth a closer look.

The Reds’ next match sees them face up with Southampton, who are currently ranked fourth, so I thought it was worth looking at the data again. The figures show that Liverpool are likely to face a stern test on the south coast.

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Individual Chance Quality

As regular readers will be aware, one of my projects for 2013/14 has been to monitor the quality of chance (based on the area of the pitch that the key pass is received in) at both ends of the pitch for the twenty teams in the Premier League.

Having looked at the individual chance quality stats for the Liverpool squad recently, I thought it would be interesting to do likewise for the top five creative players in the Premier League this season, to see if the leader of the pack in volume terms also creates chances in the best quality areas too.

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Liverpool vs Arsenal: Chance Quality Preview

I posted an image on Twitter earlier in the week, which showed how many assists each Premier League team has got this season against their expected assist rate from my Chance Quality system.

As the top two overachievers meet at Anfield on Saturday lunchtime, I thought it was worth taking a closer look at their figures to see if either side has an edge in any particular area of the pitch.

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PLCQ: Twenty Game Round Up

Having recently assessed which Liverpool players have been the most creative this season, it’s now time to investigate which teams are doing well on the Premier League Chance Quality (PLCQ) front.

Although the most recent gameweek was the twenty-first of the season, I have decided to limit this review to the first twenty, as every team had played ten home and ten away games at that point, which makes for a fairer comparison.

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Liverpool’s Chance Champion

Regular readers will know that one of my projects this season is monitoring the quality of chance that teams in the Premier League create, based on the area of the pitch in which the key pass is received.

With a shade over half of the season gone, I thought I’d review the individual figures for Liverpool’s squad to see who has done well, and whose chances aren’t worth the grass they’re passed across.

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Hull City 3 Liverpool 1: Stats Zone Analysis

On the face of it, the headline stats suggested that this was a fairly even contest. You wouldn’t expect to lose a match 3-1 when you’ve had 61.5% of the possession, created seven chances to your opponents’ six, had an equal number of shots on target (four), and only three fewer shots in total. Yet looking deeper into the numbers reveals where the issues were.

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Liverpool vs Fulham: Chance Quality Preview

After a match up between two of the Premier League’s best teams for chance quality at the Emirates Stadium last weekend, this week sees teams at opposite ends of the spectrum meet at Anfield, when Fulham visit Liverpool on Saturday afternoon.

Although the Cottagers have been clinical in a couple of areas of the pitch, by and large their chance creation this season (both for and against) has been something of a horror show. The Reds will surely have enough in their armoury to win the match, and the below explains why.

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Arsenal 2 Liverpool 0: Stats Zone Analysis

Where are Liverpool at the moment? Did anyone truly believe that they are realistic title contenders? I suspect that if they did before this match, then they probably don’t anymore.

Yet as much as the result was disappointing, there were some crumbs of comfort to take from Liverpool’s performance.

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Premier League Chance Quality: Week Nine

I don’t post these round ups every week as there’s not always much of note worth sharing, but as I spotted a few interesting firsts and other bits and bobs this week, I thought it was worth posting them here.

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