Liverpool FC Creativity Combinations 2013/14

Regular visitors to the site will have probably by now had a look at my pass combination heatmaps and/or my grid of which Liverpool players have assisted each other.

I’m always trying to think of new things to show, and new ways to visualise them. I had the idea to create a gif of either of the above images, showing the progress as the season has gone on. The problem is that the pass combination heatmaps are all different sizes (due to differing numbers of players featuring in different games) and the assist grid doesn’t change much from week-to-week as assists are rare events.

Hence I came up with the below: A chance creation combination heatmap. It shows who has created chances (down the column on the left) for which players to shoot (in the row along the top). It shows the totals for the season, game-by-game, and you can see the matches tick along in the top left corner.

Gif 38

What do you think? All feedback is very much welcome in the comments below. I’m very pleased with it, which considering how long it took to compile is just as well!

For analysis purposes, it’s probably more use to look at the final image from the gif, which shows the totals for the season.

Match 38So what can we see here?

  • Liverpool had 133 different combinations in 2013/14.
  • Suárez to Coutinho, with 23, is the top combination, and the duo have the best two-way total too, with 42.
  • Although Suárez has created the most chances (86) he has only made opportunities for 14 different players; Coutinho and Gerrard have assisted shots for 17 different colleagues.
  • However, Suárez’ 121 chances have been created for him by 15 different team-mates, which is the most of anyone in the squad.
  • Lucas Leiva has created twelve chances and been set up for six himself. Eleven of the total of eightteen have been to or from Coutinho: the Brazilian connection!

I’m sure there are plenty of other things to spot here, so again, please let me know in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Liverpool FC Creativity Combinations 2013/14

    • Cheers, Neil. It took a long time to research as I had to go back through the season game by game. Oh how I wish I’d had the idea in August! But now it’s set up, it won’t take long to update each week (thankfully!).

  1. Could you add another row and column with totals for each player in shooter and creator category? Thanks for the good work! Also would love to see how these values change when normalized to playing time.

  2. Great stuff Andrew.. top work.. was very surprised of lack of combination play between Coutinho and Sturridge, thought both of them bounced off each other..
    wouldnt be to much work to ad to that with clear scoring chance and goals scored.. but great work though. .

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