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Here are the top fifteen most read articles on the site (as at 11 November 2015). Take a look yourself and add to the hit count; you can see that transfer info is very popular…

  1. The Truth About Benteke And Crosses – Everyone thinks Liverpool’s latest big money forward needs crosses to thrive, but is this the case? And can a low crossing team like Liverpool provide them?
  2. Howard Webb, Penalties, and Manchester United – The stats suggest that Webb favours United over the other top English sides…
  3. Danny Ings: Why Liverpool Are Interested – The rumours of a transfer in January 2015 lead me to investigate Ings’ stats at Burnley.
  4. Dejan’s Defending; The Look Of Lovren – An in-depth comparison between the Southampton defender and Skrtel and Sakho.
  5. Analysis: Chelsea 1 Liverpool 3 – The first big result of the Jürgen Klopp era gets a thorough going over.
  6. Alberto Moreno vs Liverpool’s Left Backs – The young Sevilla full back posted similar numbers to Enrique, Cissokho and Flangan combined.
  7. The Truth About Pepe Reina’s Errors – A stat regarding Reina that is doing the rounds on Twitter is way off the mark.
  8. Can Can Do What Lucas Can? – The numbers suggest that Can should be able to replicate Lucas’ performance immediately, take a look.
  9. Lallana Lowdown – Some fans aren’t happy about the price, but the stats suggest he’s a perfect fit for Rodgers’ Liverpool.
  10. Tipping Point – Victory against Newcastle would represent something of a watershed moment for Brendan Rodgers, and here’s why.
  11. The Time Is Now – Liverpool have started 2013/14 well, but their next five games (in mid January 2014) are key if the Reds are to finish in the top four. This explains exactly why that is.
  12. John W Henry – Engaging The Fans – A transcript of a question-and-answer session (of sorts) that John Henry conducted on Twitter.
  13. It’s A Rich Man’s World: Liverpool vs Man City – The difference in net spend between the two is truly eyewatering.
  14. The Decline Of Pepe Reina – A look at the Spaniard’s save percentage shows how his best years are behind him.
  15. Daniel Sturridge: In Numbers – The lowdown on Liverpool’s new signing in January 2013.

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