Error Log

As Liverpool continue to struggle to make a push towards the top four, it’s very tempting to blame things that are beyond their control. The Reds have only been awarded one penalty in twenty-two league games to date, when they have averaged one every 6.9 league games in the previous ten seasons, and the Debatable Decisions website suggests that Liverpool have lost eleven points through incorrect refereeing calls and should at present be joint third in the Premier League table.

But some of the damage has unfortunately been self-inflicted. I’m referring to defensive errors, and compared to both the Reds’ own form in previous seasons, and the worst defences in the Premier League in recent years, the current Liverpool team is performing exceptionally badly. Continue reading

Liverpool’s Scoring And Defending Is Showing Progress

After the Reds bagged their second 3-0 win in a row against Sunderland tonight, I thought I’d have a look at how their attacking and defensive records compare to seasons past in the Premier League.

The good news is, that even after a difficult first half to the season, they are looking good.

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