Liverpool 1 Manchester United 0: Stats Zone Analysis

As an owner of a shiny new smartphone, I’ve recently become acquainted with FourFourTwo’s excellent Stats Zone application. Typically, they’ve now made it available on the web too anyway, meaning that I didn’t need the new phone to access it after all.

Anyway, now that I can use Stats Zone, I’m going to post interesting things from there that I spot from the latest Liverpool match, to try to get to the bottom of why the result turned out as it did; in this case, spectacularly well.

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A Question Of Balance

A successful football team is a balancing act, in many ways. At this moment in time, Brendan Rodgers has made Liverpool better at scoring, but also ‘better’ at conceding. As goal scoring is far harder than conceding, an off night up top can easily lead to results like the loss to West Bromwich Albion if you’re not watertight at the back.

But what’s the right ‘balance’ to have?

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