Suárez Goes; What Will Liverpool Need?

Although the news was confirmed today that Luis Suárez will be leaving Liverpool, clearly it has been on the cards for some time. Including penalty wins, the Uruguyan scored (eighty-two) or assisted (fifty-three) a total of 135 goals in 133 appearances for the Reds, at a rate of a goal or assist every 84 minutes. Clearly he will be missed, and not least as Liverpool only had twelve different scorers in the league in 2013/14, the joint-fourth fewest in the division.

Yet Liverpool’s league record without Luis Suárez in the team is surprisingly good. In the 18 league games he has missed since his debut in 2011, the Reds’ record is W11 D3 L4; exactly two points per game, in other words. If they can repeat that form next season then Rodgers’ Reds might start to edge towards becoming CL regulars.

It won’t be that easy to achieve without Suárez though, and here is why.

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Spurs’ Problem? Shot Placement

I don’t write about other teams too often, but Spurs’ lack of goals this season fascinates me. I have looked into shot placement data many times in the past, and a look at Spurs’ stats (via Squawka) suggests this could be a significant part of their problem.

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How Much Is Luis Suárez Worth?

I recently wrote that Gareth Bale is not worth £100m (read more here), and so it seems only fair to run the rule over Liverpool’s Luis Suárez.

John W Henry has made it clear that the Uruguayan will not be allowed to leave easily, but in my opinion if a team were to offer £50m, then Liverpool should probably rip their arms clean off and bid Suárez adieu.

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Dan, Van, Luis and Roon: A Comparison

As part of a forum argument about who has the better set of strikers out of Liverpool and Manchester United, I compiled some simple statistics from the 2012/13 Premier League campaign to add to the debate.

It was interesting to see how similar they were last season, so I thought I’d share the numbers here.

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Luis Suárez: With Or Without You

This article first appeared on The Tomkins Times on 25th June 2013.

As I sit writing this and you sit reading it, even though those two events are happening at different times, it’s a guarantee that wherever he is right now Luis Suárez will be telling anyone who cares to listen that he loves Liverpool, hates the media, and greatly admires the work of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In fairness to him, so do I, but then the future of Liverpool FC is not dependent upon whether or not I stick with them; with Suárez, it matters a great deal.

Or does it? I’m sure by now you’ve seen the statistics for when Liverpool have had Suárez in the team in the Premier League compared to when they haven’t, but for the record:

ImageThere we are then; Liverpool are better off without Suárez, to the tune of over half a point per game. Case closed.

In reality though, thirteen games is far too small a sample to make a conclusive judgment on whether or not Liverpool will be a better team if Suárez leaves, so I have decided to dig a little deeper, and look at the key match stats that Luis affects.

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The Good Side Of Luis Suárez

Now that Luis Suárez’ season is almost certainly over, and the world and his wife are lining up to denounce him from all angles, I thought I’d take a look at how he has improved statistically this season.

The headline statistic is twenty-three league goals scored instead of eleven, and thirty goals in all competitions, to become only the second Liverpool player (after Fernando Torres in his debut season) to reach the mark since Robbie Fowler did so in 1995/96.

But how exactly has Suárez doubled his goalscoring productivity in the league in only a few extra games?

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Suárez: Valuable To Liverpool

In this piece on WhoScored, called ‘Scorers Of The Most Valuable Goals’, the author seems keen to undermine the goalscoring contribution that Luis Suárez has made to Liverpool this season. Needless to say, this has prompted me to respond here! Continue reading

Selling Suárez Would Be Senseless

There are lots of rumours flying around at present that Manchester City are going to bid to buy Luis Suárez from Liverpool in January.

Whilst they could certainly afford whatever fee FSG deem acceptable, a few statistics I have dug up show why the Reds would be mad to part company with the volatile Uruguayan.

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Evra-gate: The Impact On Suárez’ Performance

In a recent interview on Uruguayan television, Luis Suárez revealed the anguish he suffered after being accused of racially abusing Patrice Evra in October 2011:

“It was so hard what happened to me. I don’t show my emotions in the field, you know, but outside I do it ­I cried a lot with all the Evra stuff. The trial week was so complicated for me. My wife and I cried a lot during that week…I had to go to Manchester in a taxi for the trial. I got up at seven in the morning and I came home at nine at night. I was exhausted, I was so tired. I wanted to cry, and kick all the things around me”.

Reading that got me thinking about whether or not Suárez’ form was affected during the ten game spell between the fateful match with Manchester United, and the start of his ban. The figures suggest that the mental turmoil the Liverpool number seven was under did negatively affect his performance.

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Luis Suárez – The Man And The Myths

This article first appeared on The Tomkins Times on 22nd February 2011. Thanks to @bojochris for providing the bulk of the statistics.

No doubt you’ve had similar conversations to me lately.

Me: “Good to see Liverpool have signed a decent striker, he’s scored over 100 goals for Ajax”

Others: “Isn’t he that cheat from the World Cup? Who bit someone? And besides, the Dutch league’s crap”.

Me: *sigh*

Whilst the above issues are true and relevant to varying degrees, how much do any of us really know about Suárez? After all the Dutch league isn’t as widely televised as some overseas football, so I thought I’d look at his stats.

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