Would You Take 84 Points?

If you’re the kind of person who reads my site, I’m sure you probably also listen to The Anfield Wrap. To my mind it’s the best Liverpool podcast in a very crowded marketplace, but I’m not writing this piece to sing it’s praises particularly.

Since the end of last season, Anfield Wrap host Neil Atkinson has been asking contributors to the podcast if they would take Liverpool getting eighty-four points in 2014/15 if they could, to match the tally they posted last season.

As you’d expect, there’s been a mixture of responses. Some people wouldn’t accept the offer as they feel the Reds are capable of winning more points than that. Others would take it, as it would surely guarantee another season of Champions League football at the very least.

Personally, I would take eighty-four points, and here’s why.

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