PLCQ: Twenty Game Round Up

Having recently assessed which Liverpool players have been the most creative this season, it’s now time to investigate which teams are doing well on the Premier League Chance Quality (PLCQ) front.

Although the most recent gameweek was the twenty-first of the season, I have decided to limit this review to the first twenty, as every team had played ten home and ten away games at that point, which makes for a fairer comparison.

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Premier League Chance Quality: Week Nine

I don’t post these round ups every week as there’s not always much of note worth sharing, but as I spotted a few interesting firsts and other bits and bobs this week, I thought it was worth posting them here.

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PLCQ Week Five: Di Canio’s Demise

Regular readers will know that I am compiling chance quality stats for the whole Premier League this season (but if this is news to you, please read the introductory piece), and so it’s time for the latest weekly round up.

As well as a look at who did well and who didn’t this week, I’ll also see if this data can shed any light on the decision by Sunderland to dismiss Paolo Di Canio.

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PLCQ: The First Three Weeks

In my last blog post, I introduced the concept of ‘chance quality’, which is a system I have devised for assessing which players and teams create the best goal scoring opportunities (read more here).

I have made the most of the two-week international break (as there was little for me, as an England fan, to enjoy on the pitch), and compiled the chance quality stats for the whole of the 2013/14 Premier League so far. Hence the name; PLCQ = Premier League Chance Quality!

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