Dan, Van, Luis and Roon: A Comparison

As part of a forum argument about who has the better set of strikers out of Liverpool and Manchester United, I compiled some simple statistics from the 2012/13 Premier League campaign to add to the debate.

It was interesting to see how similar they were last season, so I thought I’d share the numbers here.

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The Dan and Van Show

With Liverpool travelling to Old Trafford this weekend to face Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson has been trying to goad the Merseyside Reds as usual ahead of the match. The Scotsman has claimed that “Brendan Rodgers is taking a bit of a gamble” by signing Daniel Sturridge, as he had moved between several clubs already in his relatively short career.

I argued in the summer that signing Robin van Persie would be a gamble, as he only averaged 9.4 league goals per season, and had a poor fitness record, prior to 2011/12.

Luckily for Ferguson, the Dutch striker has delivered (both on a fitness and goals level) so far. But as he is in the prime stage of his career, whilst Sturridge is still only 23, I thought it would be interesting to compare their records ahead of the big match, as the two are the latest striking additions for the Lancastrian rivals.

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Robin van Persie: 2011/12 Distorts The Picture

As a Liverpool fan, I wouldn’t normally write about other teams or players. However, the news today that Robin van Persie will not be signing a new contract at Arsenal (and so only has one year remaining on his current deal) set Twitter alight, so I thought I’d look up his Premier League statistics.

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