Best Of

These are my favourite articles that I’ve written, in no particular order:

Rafa’s ‘Rant’ – The Facts – People say that Benitez’ ‘rant’ cost Liverpool the title in 2009, is this really the case?

Soccer Men, by Simon Kuper – My book review for the World Football Columns website. My full interview with Simon Kuper can be read here.

Myths #3: Hodgson’s Liverpool Record Compares Closely To Dalglish’s – A look at how their league records compare.

How Important Is Shot Placement? – Proving that Liverpool’s shooting has been poor this season, in an article for The Tomkins Times.

Quantifying Progress, From Roy To Kenny – It seems obvious that Liverpool are better now than they were early on last season, but by how much?

Moneyball Statistics and Damien Comolli – A piece for The Tomkins Times analysing what effect Liverpool’s former director of football may have had upon recruitment and tactics at Anfield.

Liverpool FC 2011/12 In Stats: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly – The most comprehensive review of Liverpool’s stats from that season that you will find on the web!

Evra-gate: The Impact on Suárez Performance – How did an accusation of racial abuse affect Luis Suárez’ productivity on the pitch? Clue: Not well…

Daniel Agger – The Interceptor – A look at the Dane’s injury record and stats, as fans decide whether it’s the right time to cash in.

Patience Required – Liverpool and Suárez would benefit from a measured approach, here’s why.

Creating From Corners – An in-depth look at where in the box Liverpool created shots from corners in 2013/14 (when they scored lots) and 2014/15 (when they didn’t). There’s not much difference…

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