LFC Creativity Combinations

Regular visitors to the site will have probably by now had a look at my pass combination heatmaps and/or my grid of which Liverpool players have assisted each other.

I’m always trying to think of new things to show, and new ways to visualise them. I had the idea to create a gif of either of the above images, showing the progress as the season has gone on. The problem is that the pass combination heatmaps are all different sizes (due to differing numbers of players featuring in different games) and the assist grid doesn’t change much from week-to-week as assists are rare events.

Hence I came up with the a chance creation combination heatmap. It shows who has created chances for which players to shoot. It shows the totals for the season, game-by-game, and you can see the matches tick along in the top left corner.

Here is 2013/14, and here is the 2014/15 edition which has a few enhancements on the original version.

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