Liverpool FC Assists 2013/14

I was inspired to create this page by the following two stats:

  1. All five of Raheem Sterling’s league goals in his career to date have been assisted by Luis Suárez. (Update: During Liverpool’s 5-1 win over Arsenal, Suárez assisted Sterling again, but then Raheem scored an unassisted goal to break the run).
  2. Jordan Henderson has provided five assists for Luis Suárez this season, and that is currently the top such combination in the Premier League (This stat was correct as at 24 February 2014).

I posted those on Twitter and got lots of retweets, so I figured perhaps lots of people are interested in which players have assisted each other for Liverpool. Hence the existence of this page.

The below table will be updated after every match, as the figures are for all competitions, and I aim to compile the figures for last season too at some point, so that I can also have a table for the complete Brendan Rodgers era.

All feedback is, as ever, gratefully received, so if you think of a way to improve this then please leave me a comment below. So, without further ado…

Sterling assists, Suarez assists, Sturridge assists, coutinho assists gerrard assists

So what do we learn from this? Luis Suárez is Liverpool’s top scorer AND joint-top assist provider. What a guy!

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7 thoughts on “Liverpool FC Assists 2013/14

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  2. Feedback: please use colours to highlight the big numbers. I suggest cool and desaturated colours (light blue etc.) for a small number of assists, a saturated red for the largest numbers, with the other laid out along the spectrum in between. Then we have a sort of heat-map.

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